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"So blessed by God with beauty, variety, freedom, between this mountains who defend, between this stretch of seas that embrace, between the rise of the hills that greet, between this opening of valleys that smile..."
From the speech by Giosuè Carducci in Recanati June 29, 1898 at the 1st centenary of the birth of Giacomo Leopardi.

"The Marche region have the fortunate enough to seem nonexistent not appear, few know them, not even the same inhabitants. In Milan, people believe they're on the edge of Africa, in Palermo imagine to Switzerland. Are not a region, rather four provinces. And not even four provinces but two hundred fifty-six municipality. Have a capital? Sure: Ancona. But go and ask to people in Ascoli, in Macerata, in Pesaro. They will say, "Ancona capital? And where is it written?".
Sometimes the technicians of programs try to divide the Marche in homogeneous areas. Then take a map and draw a line: North and South, but is not enough, they must do another line East and West. Useless, is just the beginning. We need new lines, hither, thither, above, below. After a while 'the map resembles a spider's web gone mad. Truly homogeneous, in the Marche, there is almost nothing. Perhaps only the name, which, however, since is in the plural, alluded to the manifold."

Giancarlo Liuti

10.000 km2, 246 towns all with their original configuration, the Marche, the only Italian region in the plural, are really a magnificent piece of land or, as political scientists and economists say, one big city. A city where you can find everything, a coastline that runs through the entire length with singular mutations of landscape, with wide sandy beaches and rocks overlooking the seaa plane with crops assorted color and countries that demonstrate the active presence of man, mountains are also characterized by the punctuation of settlements, and then rivers that combs the area like a scan almost geometric, caves of great geological significance, rugged cliffs and small but precious lakes.
This is the geographical setting. The picture was drawn from history and from different cities with magnificent castles and abbeys, churches and museums, palaces and plazas, mansions and monuments enrich the Marche in all its extension.
There are not empty, everywhere there are buildings to admire, a framework to appreciate a curiosity to discover. The richness of the region is the concentration of natural goods (a wide range of flora and fauna typical landscape of the most recited of Italy), architectural and historical heritage and unique cultural resources. If the concept of tourism is no longer that of burning lazily in the sun, but integration of the physical pleasure through the satisfaction of intellect and natural curiosity, then the Marche is a privileged destination.

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