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Christian Church in Italy has existed since apostolic times, witness are the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistle to the Romans where the Apostle Paul writes to the Christians of Rome and other Italian cities he evangelized. Surely the most widespread religion is Christianity, the Pope is the supreme pontiff of the Catholic Church, the sovereign of the state of Vatican City, the patriarch of the Latin Church and the Bishop of Rome, as well as point of reference for a billion Catholics worldwide. Millions of tourists each year make the route to Italy to visit the places of faith like the Vatican, the shrine of Padre Pio, or the Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto. Part of the Italian territory is characterized by the signs and traces that this ancient religion has left with her millennial transition, shrines, cathedrals, places of worship, stories of simple men who encounter with religion have become authors of unforgettable gestures, which were rightly devoted churches or monuments, which has rightly been given the recognition of saints, and that every year attract people from all over the world curious and driven by this feeling of peace and mysticism that only some cities of faith can transmit.

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