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"In Italy the man is never alone with his thoughts, he is always immersed in humanity, everything around him seems clear and open. So picturesque and lifelike representations of natural elements, landscapes, human beings and 's Architecture is a kind of eternal romance drama. "
Luigi Barzini, Jr.

Tourism is highly developed in Italy and is the largest source of wealth for the country. is in sixth place among the most visited countries in the world, thanks to the beautiful scenery and historical art.
Italy offers a wide range of tourist attractions: art city, and seasides and skiing resorts are those that attract more visitors. To the North are concentrated the highest number of major art cities, most notably Venice, for its palaces and its churches and canals which add charm to the place; Milan is also home to the masterpiece of Gothic architecture in Italy and its famous cathedral. Central Italy is full of famous art cities and tourist destinations: the capital, one of the crucibles of art from antiquity to the modern art, Florence, place of origin of Renaissance art that has among the highest concentration of works of art in the world. To the south are famous tourist destinations: Naples, which has among the largest architectural and artistic heritages in the world. Insular Italy holds an immense archaeological heritage bequeathed by colonization Greek, Arab andNorman.

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