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St. Gabriel of Sorrowful Mother

Loreto - Isola del Gran Sasso d'Italia - Teramo - San Gabriele of the Sorrowful Mother

After the visit and Holy Mass in the Basilica of Loreto, is advisable to visit the city of isola di San Gabriele in Teramo with the Shrine of San Gabriele of Sorrowful Mother.

The recommended way is to take the A14 motorway direction south. Exit at Teramo-Giulianova toward Teramo. Continue onto A24 and follow directions to Isola del Gran Sasso.

It takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Have a nice trip!

St. Gabriel of Sorrowful Mother
St. Gabriel or Francesco Possenti (Assisi, March 1, 1838 - Isola del Gran Sasso of Italy, 27 February 1862) was an Italian religious of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ. In 1920 it was proclaimed a saint by XV: his liturgical feast is celebrated on February 27. Is the patron of the Abruzzo and of the Italian Catholic Youth. Eleventh of thirteen children, Francis was born in Assisi, a city of which the holy father was mayor and then part of the Papal States ruled by Pope Pius IX. He was baptized the same day of his birth in the same source in which it was St. Francis of Assisi.
Francis led a normal life for a young man. He was known for its affectionate and outgoing personality, his love for dancing, hunting and theater. Repeatedly risked his life in his hunting expeditions. During an illness, promised to become a priest if he recovered. Healed twice, but twice delayed this effort. Rode well in school despite a childhood in which he saw the death of three brothers and mother. As a normal boy, Francis drew the attention of girls of Spoleto, the city where his family had moved from Assisi. During the procession of the icon of the Mother of Sorrows, Francis realized that they would not find happiness in marriage, but in the priesthood. The night in which his father had arranged her engagement party, Francis set out to begin his novitiate Passionist. The trip was delayed by relatives who, in good faith and instigated by his father, tried to dissuade him from entering the order. Nevertheless, he was able to win all their arguments and to persuade them of the genuine nature of his religious vocation. Francis took the vote in the Passionist community, taking the name of 'Gabriel of Sorrowful ', which reflected his devotion-ingrained in him since childhood from an image of piety that his mother kept in-house for Our Lady of Sorrows. During his novitiate he cultivated a great love for Christ Crucified and Our Lady of Sorrows. His writings reflect his close relationship with God and the Madonna. In particular, in Resolution describes in detail the path followed to achieve this unity with the Passion of Christ and the perfection of the Passionist rule. Was soon struck by tuberculosis, but retained all its usual forms of mortification of the body, he begged to be brought to Mass, and maintained his usual cheerfulness, so that the other novices were eager to spend time at her bedside. Gabriel resigned himself entirely to his imminent death, and tradition says that he even prayed for a devastating disease to help him achieve perfection. Before he could be ordained a priest, Gabriel died at the age of 24 years in the Passionist monastery of Isola del Gran Sasso (TE) squeezing in the chest an image of Our Lady of Sorrows. Benedict XV canonized Gabriel in 1920 and declared him patron of Catholic youth. In 1959, Pope John XXIII named him the patron of the Abruzzi, where he spent the last two years of his life. The Church also calls her protection for students, seminarians, novices and clerics.

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